4 Signs Your Website Needs a Fresh Design

4 Signs Your Website Needs a Fresh Design

If you’re a business owner in the Berry/Shoalhaven area, you’ve likely heard a lot about the importance of web design. There’s a reason this topic keeps coming up: the design of your website is of utmost significance.

Does your business or organisation already have a website? Maintaining a site is the bare minimum. It’s also vital for your site to boast an exceptional design. Even if you’re a small, local business, competition can be fierce. If you want to stand out and keep in league with major players in your industry, an outstanding website is a must.

So how do you know if your current design makes the cut? Check out these 4 signs from the team at Berry Website Design to find out if it’s time for a fresh look.

Navigation is a Challenge:

While an attractive and polished look is great, your website simultaneously needs to be simple and straightforward enough for any customer to navigate. If you sell products on your site, it should be easy for a web user to find items and complete the purchase. Using correct links and in the appropriate areas ensures your customers don’t get lost on your website or grow confused and frustrated. That’s the last thing you want as it will only send them running to your competitors. Working with a team like ours at Berry Website Design can ensure you have an abundance of working links, a strong and natural flow, and a site that simply makes sense to users.

You can’t remember the last time you updated your content:

Old and out-of-date content will have your customers packing. In this day and age, it is essentially unacceptable not to have current content. We are a society of instantaneous news and fast results. Keep up with the competition by making sure your business website reflects this. Continuous updates allow your content to remain relevant and useful to your audience.

So how do you update content? An ideal way to do this is to have a blog on your business website. This allows you to constantly generate fresh content that will attract customers and invite shares via social media. The right, high-quality content boosts the reputation of your brand and sets you up as an industry authority as well–invaluable benefits you can’t afford to miss out on.

You’re using anything other than WordPress:

Across the board, WordPress stands out as the top website building platform on the market today. We build all of our client websites at Berry Website Design using this platform. WordPress allows for great versatility, is easy to update and use, and has the most functionality of any web design platform. If you choose to change your design theme, add content, install plugins, or make an update, WordPress keeps your site well intact. It’s also the number one choice for search engine optimisation, as it gives you plenty of options and ways to incorporate SEO. Your web designer will be an expert at utilising WordPress, but it can be handled by any user with a basic grasp of web technology. This means you’ll be able to manage site updates yourself if you so choose.

You’re not getting the traffic you want:

A big sign that it is time to redesign or update your website is if your traffic is dropping or not at the level you’re aiming for. Perhaps traffic is low because of the reasons above, or maybe because your current SEO tactics aren’t getting results. Google is continuously changing the complex algorithms they use to rank sites. If you aren’t aware of the newest SEO approaches, your site could get left behind in the dust. Berry Website Design is a certified Google Partner, which means we can assist you to implement the best SEO strategy to get your site seen by the customers you’re looking for. This often means a redesign, but you’ll love the increase in traffic that results.

It Sounds Like a Lot of Work!

At this juncture, you might be thinking that business websites sure seem to take lot of effort and time. Without a doubt, this is the truth. You can take the pressure and frustration out of that however by working with an experienced web marketing and SEO company such as Berry Website Design. More than anything, you want Internet users to come to your site, learn about your business, and buy your products and services. We’ll help you create and maintain a professional, beautiful, and easy-to-use site.

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